Wrath of Man Guy Ritchie’s new film is it worth it?

Wrath of Man, Despierta la Furia in Spain or Implacable Justice in Latin America is the new film by director Guy Ritchie, known for his work as Snatch, The Gentleman or Agent C.I.P.O.L, a great director with a unique signature for all his films.

In his most recent feature film, he works again with Jason Staham, Wrath of Man full movie one of the most recognized action actors in today’s cinema, and both Ritchie’s classic style and Statham’s acting characteristics scale a level and offer us a film full of details.

Wrath of Man tells the story of a man who seeks revenge from a group of thieves. Mixing the two styles of a heist movie with an interesting thriller, the proposal is presented as something completely different and original from what the director had us used to.

Two years ago Ritchie surprised us with The Gentleman, a film in which he demonstrates going back to his past to gain strength for everything that he will present to us from now on. A clear example of this was Wrath of Man, where the main actor and the director work hand in hand to make them both shine, Statham with his excellent staging and Ritchie being able to demonstrate his talent behind the scenes.

Wrath of Man is sober, precise, and takes time to develop slowly alongside the script, showing beauty in action or thriller movies. As he already mentioned, in this film we can see two atypical genres to be together such as thriller and heist movies or robbery films. However, the script is perfectly executed so that we – as an audience – can doubt what the role of the main character is in the first act.

It is a completely unexpected production because you do not expect it to be something with such detail on a cinematic level and because you do not expect Jason Statham, who has always had roles that position him as unfriendly, but not feared, shows us that with his sobriety and unique style It can highlight your charisma, but we fear it.

Statham’s character H, with very little dialogue, expresses everything he needs with actions, postures, and looks. Ritchie knew how to work with Statham’s sober and “unfriendly” attitude, giving us a solid and interesting character at all times.

A script, which is not by Ritchie, but which leads him to play with other styles with which he had not dared so far, very few moments of comedy, perhaps we could even say that none, because the comedy of this film feels as silly because that is how H, our main character, takes it and we see everything from his vision, so he manages to convey this message very well.

What I celebrate the most is that Ritchie took Statham a bit away from what was being built in the Fast & Furious franchise and repositioned him as that mysterious and interesting actor who is not secondary at all.

Judging something about this movie is not so easy because many of those things we can ignore thanks to all the aforementioned, but I think I needed a villain with a more solid story or with a little more context, Scott Eastwood did not do a bad job, but his character was underdeveloped and he really had too little screen time for us to understand or loathe him, he went under the table.

On the other hand, a female character was needed to give her a different touch among all men and although we have Niamh Algar, her character is so empty or boring that she cannot express anything.

Regardless of these negatives, this is a great movie that you can enjoy and appreciate. If you haven’t seen any of Guy Ritchie’s cinematography, I invite you to check out my favorites The Gentleman, RocknRolla, Agent C.I.P.O.L or Snatch, but don’t miss Wrath of Man.