New Fast & Furious 9 trailer reveals powerful electromagnetic weapon

There is very little left for the expected premiere of the ninth film “Fast and Furious” and it is that the fans of the so-called “Fast Saga” are very anxious for this film to hit theaters since unfortunately it has also suffered delays due to the pandemic.

Universal Picture has already revealed several previews of what will be seen in “Fast and Furious 9” showing several surprises, such as Dominic Toretto’s brother (Vin Diesel) who will be played by ex-wrestler John Cena, the return of Mía (Jordana Brewster) and the reappearance of Han Lue (Sung Kang) who had allegedly been killed by Shaw (Jason Statham) in an earlier installment.

But the new trailer that came out this week aside from showing new fast-paced action scenes, traditional fast cars, and the fact that Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej Parker (Ludacris) are apparently trying to get off the planet, also reveals a New Wrath of Man full movie and powerful tool that the protagonists will have to resort to to face their enemies.

In the previous films Toretto and his friends used many firearms (including rocket launchers), hackers, many strategies, nitro powered cars, airplanes, hooks, steel cables and much more, but now it seems that they are going to resort to an element more innovative, electromagnetism.

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In the trailer you can see that, in the middle of high-speed chases, the protagonists have a device in their cars that when activated activates an electromagnetic field so strong that it is capable of attracting or expelling other cars and can even be seen that this weapon is so powerful that it manages to lift and overturn a huge three-car armored trailer.

It only remains to wait until June 25, the new release date of “Fast and Furious 9” to see how effective this tool is and how it can help Dominic Toretto’s team to face his brother who apparently is very similar to him, especially when attacking.

You can see the full trailer at the top.